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The WAGMI Club is an exclusive digital currency collective
whom are actively developing an ecosystem for the Expanse blockchain.

WAGMI Token Club

Holders of the WAGMI Token and Liquidity Pool Tokens will receive airdrops of tokens for the services and applications that our collective will be launching on Expanse. We have several projects in the pipeline we are building and porting over to the Expanse network.

Why Expanse?

Expanse is the first stable fork of Ethereum that was created by Americans. The Expanse blockchain had a fair launch in 2015 with no presale, ico, or premine. The transaction fees are fractions of a fraction of a penny, with the ability to bridge to other networks. These qualities are the primary reason why WAGMI has chosen Expanse to develop and expand our vision - We're All Going to Make It

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Wallets allow you to interface with the WAGMI digital currency.
To send, receive, and interact with services, you will need to learn how to use these tools.

MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is an easy to use wallet that runs from an app on your phone or from a browser extension. You will need to have the browser extension to use the swap and pools.

You will need to add the Expanse network to your MetaMask wallet and add the WAGMI Contract address by following these steps.

  • Click on the Networks tab and go to 'Custom RPC'.
  • Network Name: Expanse
  • RPC URL: https://node.expanse.tech
  • Chain Id: 2
  • Symbol: EXP
  • Block Explorer: https://expexplorer.guarda.co/
  • Click Save to add the network
  • Select the Expanse Network, and under Assets go to 'Add Token'
  • Click on 'Custom Token' and paste the contract address into the form '0x0D14F385647E66283E8E5D9c567296751Ac7ee7D'
  • Click 'Next' and the WAGMI token is now added to your MetaMask under the Expanse Network
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Exchanges are where you can convert one digital currency to another.


Eggswap is a decentralized peer to peer exchange that allows you to seemlessly exchange from Expanse to WAGMI and other tokens. You can add liquidity pairs and earn a percentage of the exchange fees, aswell as stake the liquidity pair tokens to farm eggs.

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